Make Money from Blogging – Three Steps from Beginner to Pro

Even if you’re completely new to the concept of blogs, you can make money blogging. This is because blogging has now gone mainstream. Every business which has a Web site either has a blog too, or feels guilty because they don’t. So bloggers are in high demand.

Not only are bloggers in high demand, experienced bloggers are very busy. They’re reluctant to take on new clients, and when they do, they charge like wounded rhino for their blogging skills. This means that even as a total newbie, you can get hired.

Let’s look at three steps which will take you from blogging beginner to blogging professional. (By “professional” I mean someone who gets hired to blog.)

1. Think about your skills and interests and make a list

Make a list of your skills. Even if you’re a college student, you have skills. If you’re a retiree, you have a lifetime of skills.

Also, list subjects you know well enough to write about.

Although blogs can be about anything at all, the companies which hire you operate in a particular industry. The more you know about the area in which a company operates, the greater the chance they will hire you to blog for them.

Chances are your most marketable skills stem from your working life.

For example, if you’re a nurse, you have lots of skills in health topics. If you work for a realtor, you’re golden – you know the property market, and can blog about it.

Once you’ve made a list, choose a topic. You could choose: travel, health, business, technology, computer gaming – anything which ties in with your skills and interests.

Once you’ve done that, go to Google Blog Search and search for blogs about that topic. Read them.

2. Set up your own blog, making it appealing to people in your chosen market

Next go to the Blogger Web site, and set up a free blog about the topic you’ve chosen. This blog is a sample of your blogging skills.

Write four or five blog posts. From reading other blogs in your chosen topic, you know what interests people in that area.

In the sidebar of your blog, place a link which says “Blogger for Hire” or “Hire Me”, with your email address. Your blog is very new, so it won’t get major traffic for a while, but people need to know that you’re available to blog for them.

3. Now let your fingers do the walking – contact businesses in your state and country which don’t have blogs

Now you’ve created your sample blog, you’re all set to get hired. The easiest way is to make lots of phone calls. Yes, you’re cold calling – but don’t be fazed by this. Getting on the phone is the fastest way to get hired, so do it.

Use Google to find businesses in your state and country, in the subject you’ve chosen to blog about, which have Web sites, but which don’t have blogs. You’re looking for local businesses, because calling them is easier.

Of course, as a blogger, you can blog for companies all over the world, but when you’re starting out, calling companies is the fastest way to get hired, and calling local companies is cheaper.

So there you have it: three steps which will take you from blogging beginner to

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